16 03, 2022


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THURSDAY 17 MARCH CSW UN NY/GLOBAL EMPOWERING LOCAL WOMEN CSO’S TO DRIVE LOCALIZATION AMONG GLOBAL ACTORS The event will identify challenges/gaps faced by local women’s CSOs in environments with international humanitarian and development interventions in conflict affected contexts Highlight the vital need for local women CSOs to drive change at the participation and decisions making [...]

14 06, 2021

WRO Koya Team Members Visited Directorate of Combatting Violence Against Women

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WRO Koya Team members visited Mr. Dana Haji to offer congrations on his promotion at the Directorate of Combatting Violence Against Women (DCVAW). During the visit, WRO emphasized the importance of continuing the close cooperation and the coordination between WRO's Koya Community Center and DCVAW- Koya branch to eliminate  Gender Based Violence and support women [...]

25 05, 2021

Coming Together as Teammates and Family

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As WRO’s team is invaluable and thier well-being is a strong part of WRO’s mandates and objectives, believing that our staff’s wellbeing means being able to participate in society and meet the demands of everyday work and personal life. It also means having healthy relationships of colleagues, family, friends, and wider community.  Along with many [...]

25 04, 2021

Daily Activity For Children During The Covid-19

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because of the covid-19, most of the children are not doing their daily activities such as playing and going to school and that is affecting them, and for support them it has been providing recreational activity for a group of the children and the activity was a group of games that they played together . [...]

1 04, 2021

Social cohesion activity ( visiting the Citadel of Erbil )

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visiting a historical place (the Citadel of Erbil)  the reason was to introduce our history to the IDPs and refugees and make a good relationship between the host community, IDPs, and refuge because all of them have a different tradition and language creates problems in society between different groups or religions, so visiting a museum [...]

20 03, 2021

International Women’s Day 2021 with Avadawel Company and MANGO International

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On The 2021 International Women’s Day, WRO successfully in cooperation with Avadawel Company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq; the main agent of MANGO International brand for Women clothing and accessories, distributed gifts to WRO’s women and girls’ beneficiaries in its Women’s and Community Centers in Koya, Zakho, and Mosul. We extend sincere gratitude and [...]