In Qaraqosh WRO team conducted a follow up activity with a participation of 20 people from Bartell and Qaraqosh 12 females and 8 males( 6 Shabak Shea, 14 Christian) the activity done for the disable people in Qaraqosh and their staff  the number of the disables people were 23 males and females of different ages, and their staff as well were 9.

The participants split themselves  in to two team one team cooked for the all and the other team did entertainment activities, sports, coloring pictures and dancing with them, the disabled participants enjoyed a lot as their staff said this is the first time that they played this much and had food this much , usually they are staying in their center only two and half hours but in the day of the activity they stayed for 6 hours played, dance and ate and even in the end they did not want to leave.

The activity done for the purpose of social cohesion by using food in social cohesion.