WRO conducts a Social Cohesion Peace Building Activity designed by the community members  for occasion of the International Environmental Day.

Volunteers with WRO team conducted two follow up activities one in Telkef and another in Hamdaniya. A group of youth from different ethnoreligious groups participated in the activity.

  1. The Muslim in Telkief plant 99 Trees (Olive and Greek Myrtal) in Batnaya Village the team coordinated with Telkef Municipality and Batnaya priest to arrange the activity.
  2. Different ethnoreligious group planted 25 Thoya Trees in Qaraqosh on the main road, the activity done in coordination with Hamdaniya Mayor office and Hamdaniya Municipality.

Hamdaniya Municipality Facebook page also posted the activity and thanked WRO and the donors for their effort in this activity.



as well as some 3 volunteers from Telkef and Hamdaniya drew a picture expressing the environmental day

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