Nowadays, the most significant citizens are children and young people. Any crisis raised in the community, the more opportunity needs to be provided to help the community learn, cultivate compassion and increase the resilience of well being and caring community. Based on understanding basic information and real facts about COVID-19 and its complications,  will support the community to diminish fear and anxiety about the disease and support their capability to cope with their impacts in their lives in case if it transmits and how to prevent the transmission.

WRO has enhanced project field team capacity on improving the community awareness, prevention and sensitization of COVID-19 practices. The field team followed on the health regulations to cascade the health information on COVID-19 best practices to the basic level of IDPs inside Jadaah camps. The campaign was on protective measures against Coronavirus through some various activities and topics covered such as COVID-19 signs and symptom, hygiene aspects on hand-washing with soap and water regularly, avoid mass gathering and crowded, doing practices to stand against the COVID-19, and have a good blood circulation throughout the body by rubbing the earlobes to increase the blood pumps.  These practices were initiated to limit the spread of COVID-19 comply with WHO recommendations.

Another aspect was shared with the camp population to implement social distancing practices and establish produces if a person becomes unwell. To make sure the procedure of isolating the sick person from the rest without creating stigma and process for consulting the health care providers wherever possible.