Project Description

Integrated Services Provided: Legal services, health and social services, psycho-social support and referral services, GBV and FGM awareness workshops and vocational training

Timeline: April 2015 -November 2015

Violence against women (VAW) and girls is a chronic problem that is  commonly perpetuated by the male members in the family, while in cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) violence against young girls is traditionally perpetuated by older women. WRO project in Gangan City, Erbil focuses on challenging these act of violence against women and girls by providing  integrated legal, health and social services to ensure women economic empowerment and social equality.

Through this project, WRO women center in Gangan City provides multiple services for women and girls for internally displaced Iraqis and the Erbil host community. With legal and health services in house, women and girls have full access to quality and confidential care from our staff of lawyers, psychiatrists, medical doctors and social workers. Internally displaced women and girls are able to attend frequent GBV awareness training workshops. Separate intensive workshops will be available for intermediate school girls on FGM and workshops for their parents to educate them on the health and social risks of continuing the practice of FGM on young girls.

WRO provides vocational training for women and girls displaced by conflict to have access to valuable job skills that will assist them in increasing their economic participation and empowerment. Everyday women and girls can attend courses in sewing and computer literacy facilitated by WRO experienced trainers.

Project currently in progress.

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