Project Description

Improvement of women and children’s access to GBV services and reduction risks of GBV in Bashiqa, Qaraqush and Bartalla

Donor/Partner: UNICEF

Duration: 2/2018-2/2019

Location:  Hamdaniya: Bashiqa. Qaraqush, Bartalla

Key Activities:

  • 3 women community centres
  • Individual and group psychosocial support to women and girls
  • GBV case management and referrals
  • Legal protection and assistance
  • Capacity building of non-GBV service providers
  • Awareness raising activities
  • Safety audits, referral pathways, etc.

Program Summary: Women and girls have greater access to specialized services and support that improve their safety and wellbeing.

Program Output 1: Provide Psychosocial Support (PSS) and Case Management to women, girls and boys and GBV survivors.

Program Output 2: Improve skills, capacity and knowledge of community members and services providers to better support GBV survivors and reduce risk of GBV.

Program Output 3: Increase understanding of protection environment and service gaps, barriers to accessing services, specific needs of women, girls and boys and specific site-level GBV risks.



Women and Community Centers Established


Women, girls and boys who received individual or group psychosocial support including case management


Women, girls and boys at risk received protection legal assistance


Children and adolescents participated in structured and sustained psychosocial support programs


Female and male staff working for GBV and non-GBV service providers trained on GBV prevention and response

activities held


Caregivers and Children reached with awareness raising and community outreach activities on GBV prevention and response


Caregivers and Children trained on GBV prevention, risk identification and reduction, and referrals


Women and men community volunteers trained to support communities to prevent and respond to GBV issues


GBV referral pathways disseminated to other service providers and the community


Community GBV safety audits conducted