Project Description


Timeline: August 2008-November 2008

Project Objectives: The project aimed to contribute to an environment of acceptance and understanding of the followers of the three major religions in the region (Islam, Christianity, and Yazidi).

The project specifically targeted women and the importance of their role in teaching and instilling religious tolerance in their families and communities.

Project Description: A three-day workshop was held to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding.

Posters and education material were distributed raising awareness on the issues of religious tolerance and finally 6 TV interviews were conducted with local clerics and leaders in the Ninewa governorate who spoke about the importance of spreading religious tolerance within the region.

Project Outcomes: A committee was formed with representatives from the 3 religions to continue to guide their communities towards religious tolerance. Additionally, 1,000 posters promoting religious tolerance were printed and distributed in the region.

Funded by: Development Alternatives, Inc.

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