WRO team in Bartella and Qaraqosh conducted a Social Cohesion Activity in the occasion of Eid al Fter, where a group of young Christians from Bartella and Qaraqosh community visited the Muslim families and greeted them on their Eid Holiday and gave them a pot of flowers as a souvenir, (19 people participated in this activity all Christians , 10 from Qaraqosh and 9 from Bartella, 13 females and 6 males) 35 flower pots were distributed. Both sides were so happy in this activity as its strength the social cohesion among the different ethnicities specially during this difficult time total and partial lockdowns and to break the isolation that all the communities live in.

WRO Telkef team conducted the same Social Cohesion  Activity in the occasion of Eid al Fter in Grkhosht villages, where some young Kurdish people in Tel Adas and Manara villages visited the Muslim Arabs who are living in Grkhosht village. The Arabs who are living in this village fled from their village during ISIS attack, their sheep have been stolen, their houses have been destroyed and burned. In 2018 they returned to their village, (17 people participated, 2 female 15 males all Muslim Kurd). The young Kurdish in Tal Adas and Manara villages wished the Arab a Happy Eid and give them a follower pot, pots have been distributed to 22 families.

The Arab community in Grkhosht were very happy and really surprised by this activity, many of them mentioned that “this activity means a lot for us, it brought the sense of safety and peace in these blessing days”.