In Wana subdistrict, WRO conducted Employability skills training for the graduated youth in the area , one of them his name was Muhammed, he was one of the participants after this training he could got the job of volunteer at WRO among many other participants who applied for this position, he prepared a great CV, he answered the question in the interview perfectly he worked as a volunteer with WRO team in Wana he got more experience through WRO team by daily working with them , NRC in Wana announced a job vacancy Muhammed applied that vacancy he got the job Nd now he is working with NRC, for long time he was applying for job but he could not get any ,  Muhammed is a 29 years old man , he passed through many difficult situation after ISIS attacked his area (Wana) he flee to Wana, his family lost there house and other properties , he lost his studying at university , he came back to Wana in 2018 he completed his college through the evening classes , he join WRO employability training and he said that I got my job in NCA organization with a six month contract  and a very good salary as a Livelihood activation guide, he mentioned that this was my dream to have a good job with good salary through this work I have forget my misery ,

The same training WRO conducted in Qaraqosh , two girls are from Qaraqosh after ISIS attack the area they flee to Erbil both are 24 years old one is single the other is married , in 2017 they came back to Qaraqosh , they joined WRO employability skills training since long time they were applying for jobs but they couldn’t after the training and knowing new skills on how to write CV, cover letter, applying job channels, how and what to do during the interviews they applied to JRS and they got the job at JRS organization in Qaraqosh on as a facilitator and the other as JRS kindergarten supervisor.