Project Description

Project Description

Funded by: UNICEF

Timeline: 02/2018-02/2019

This project aims to support (S)GBV survivors and those at risk through static and mobile services including psychosocial support, case management, legal assistance and raising awareness and knowledge on GBV issues among the community members in 3 locations in Hamdaniya district (Ninewa).

WRO focuses on creating protective environment for conflict-affected populations by connecting them with community-based psychosocial services and resources strengthening  their coping mechanisms, while providing guidance on understanding and managing their own psychological wellbeing.


  • 1,580 community members received structured psychosocial support including case management.
  • 450 individuals receive legal assistance.
  • 60 male and female staff of non-GBV service providers are trained on GBV principles and topics.
  • 9,000 community members are addressed though awareness raising activities on GBV topics.
  • 150 community members are trained on GBV prevention, risk identification and reduction, and referrals.