Project Description

Integrated Services Provided: Psycho-social support, legal services, special cases referrals, comprehensive physical and psychological health education and education campaigns on the social risks of early marriage.

Project Timeline: May 2015- October 2015

As Isis emerged in June, people from Neinawa, Diala, Aln-Abar and Salahdeen provinces started fleeing to Kurdistan Region of Iraq to seek safety. Following the influx of IDPs from Mosul, Sinjar, and surrounding areas, approximately 818,766 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have migrated to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  A total of 600,000 IDPs have been registered in Duhok Governorate where more  than 50% of whom are women and girls. DSC03610

It  is expected that more IDPs will arrive  to the Kurdistan region as a result of on  going battle against ISIS. In search of  security, the victims of ISIS have left  behind everything they have worked for  and are now left with virtually nothing  and live in sub-standard conditions. They  are facing major deficits in basic needs of life and this has caused stress and emotional stability. Many of the women and girls affected have become survivors of GBV, psychological illness and are at risk of becoming victims of suicide.


In consequence of war conflict, many displaced women and girls suffer from serious psychological issues, trauma, and depression,  and are subject to sexual and gender based violence. Financial, food and materialistic insecurity only adds to their stress and anxiety.  In order to ease the stress and address the needs of women and girls in Sharia camp, WRO has expanded its activities and services. A total of 950 women and girls in Sharia camp will be provided with social and legal support, referral services, workshops concerning risks of early marriage and vocational trainings in the areas of computer and sewing to enable their
economic participation.


In Sharia camp, WRO’s project will reach a total of 950 women and girls by providing at least 350 women and girls with psycho-social support,  resolving 200 legal cases for women and girls with the assistance of WRO lawyers, educating 300 parents and young girls on the possible health, psychological and social risks of early child marriage, and 100 women and girls successfully completing their computer and sewing training courses. Cases in need of special services and legal cases for men will be referred to other institutions to be resolved.

This project is currently in progress.

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