Project Description

Funded by: LWF

Timeline: January 2017 – June 2017

This project seeks to improve psychosocial (PS) wellbeing amongst the internally displaced women and girls exposed to armed, sexual, gender based violence, grief and depression in the non-camp areas of Qayarra city, Jadda village and Dair al-qaeda. The provision of these listening centers will make available lifesaving, age appropriate GBV psychological first aid (PFA) and PSS services to IDP women and children in response to the Mosul operation. Awareness raising, mobilization and risk mitigation through this project will enhance the protective environment for women and children in this location.

WRO will provide 3 women listening centers in 3 non-camp areas Qayarra City, Jadda village and Dair al-qaeda, each offering 3 working teams present who have received capacity building training in GBV concepts, PSS, PFA, case management, referral pathways, documentation practice mobilization approaches and methods of information dissemination. Through mobile outreach at least 600 IDP families will be reached to introduce the project, identify and assess the women and children’s situation and appropriately link vulnerable beneficiaries with social workers and activities provided at the centers. 600 IDP women and girls will be provided with PSS & PFA through recreational activities, healing group sessions and 1-1 PSS sessions. 300 IDP women and girls will be provided with awareness sessions in the context of social copying mechanisms, early marriage, domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation and GBV concepts. 75 IDP women and girls will be referred to specialized service agencies in the area such as health, legal, cash support and psychiatrists. At the centers there will be a playing space available for children under 5 years of age to enable women with younger children to access the services.