Project Description

Funded by: Global Medic                                                 

Timeline: November 2015 – September 2016

This project aims to assist children to reclaim their childhood through alternative education, creative activities and social support services in Gawilan Refugee Camp. Jointly, the project also intends to strengthen the social and economic empowerment of women, girls, and children in Kawergosk Refugee Camp through protection and livelihood activities. The first stage of the project was the establishment of two WRO Jian (Kurdish for life) Centers.

Project Outcomes/Achievements To Date:

Kawergosk Camp

  • Total of 1,787 Families were reached by the mobile team who continued to introduce WRO services available in the camp and gathered basic needs information in a friendly and professional manner. As the mobile team has reached nearly the entirety of the camp, and as per the work plan and budgeting their work has been completed.
  • Total of 343 Beneficiaries received psychosocial support from the social worker with cases ranging from extreme anger, neurological delusions, domestic violence, early marriage, forms of GBV, divorce, anxiety, to stress and depression from displacement including the lack of basic needs and employment opportunities. In necessary cases WRO utilized the referral pathways to refer cases to the appropriate agencies for additional support.
  • Total 102 legal cases were consulted by the centres lawyers regarding marriage contracts, birth certificates, and identifications.
  • Total 320 women and girls engaged in courses in sewing and hairdressing vocational trainings. (20 sewing, 20 hair dressing). The sixth group of 40 women and girls from the previous reporting period have successfully completed their training and received certification during a presentation ceremony attended by their families.
  • Total 366 beneficiaries participated in a workshop on family cohesion held by the centres social worker, lawyer and coordinator.
  • Total 221 beneficiaries participated in the Women’s Refugee Discussion Group who continued discussing various issues and concerns regarding life in the camp including obtaining basic necessities, what service providers are in the camp, income generation opportunities for women, how to plan for their future life, and education for girls, and the lack of food support during the reporting period.
  • Total 329 beneficiaries continued to receive SGBV, GBV awareness through two workshops on domestic violence and harassment and the physical and psychological effects of various forms of GBV, conducted by the centre coordinator, lawyer, and social worker. WROs staff continued the same theme through the reporting period at it was areas of GBV deemed most urgent at this time in the camp.
  • Total 179 beneficiaries also continued to participate in Economic Empowerment and Leadership Training. The workshops conducted by the centre’s lawyer, social worker, and coordinator engaged women and especially female single headed households FHH in discussion and provided them principles and tools on how to manage financial resources in the home and how to plan for and budget expenditures.Gawilan Camp
  • Total 3870 families were reached by the CFS mobile team who shared with each household the activities available for children in WRO’s Child Friendly Space and collected the activity preferences of each child within the age groups we serve.
  • Total 248 beneficiaries received psychosocial support from the social worker with cases that included hostile and nervous behavior and anxiety.
  • Total 51 cases were referred to relevant service providers for medical support.
  • Distribution of 2000 brochures. WRO’s Child Friendly Centre Child Protection Officer and Project Manager are working with camp actors and execute a camp wide campaign on the denial of education of children and awareness to prevent incidents of child labor brought about by household poverty.
  • Total 1565 boys and girls are participating in informal education and recreational activities in the center such as arts and craft, sports, music and Kurdish and Arabic language classes.
  • Total 465 individuals participated in the awareness sessions conducted. The awareness sessions continued building the knowledge on services and support of the Child Protection Officer and Social Worker can provide and the right to education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.