Shamee, 20 from Shingal, has been married to a man for six years who cannot have children due to a disability. During her upbringing, poverty and financially difficult situations did not allow Shamee to finish her studies and she left school after the 6th grade. She grew up with a large family, five sisters and four brothers. Her mother passed away when she was young and her father was imprisoned for unknown reasons for a substantial amount of time. During that time, her uncle and his wife took responsibility of Shamee and her siblings, yet they were treated poorly. When Shamee left school at 14, she met her future husband, fell in love, and married.

After their displacement, they settled in Sharia Camp. She and her husband struggled financially and were still impacted negatively due to their inability to conceive a child. As she is talented with creating handicraft goods she would visit the WRO’s center every day. She expressed that needlework has given her great comfort and has helped her support her family financially, leading her to teach many other women and girls how to make their own clothing. Over time and the more involved she became with the center’s activities, she began to overcome her own griefs. After six years of marriage and working hard to sell her handmade clothes to neighbors and friends throughout the camp, she finally managed to buy her own gold ring.