Sufyan is 24 years old, a person with disabilities living with his mother, they are living in Domiz since 2007  as they have been displaced from Mosul due to the unstable situation of Ninawa by that time, his uncle has been killed by Al Qayda.  Sufyan since his childhood loved video games and his wish was to learn how to make these video games. He had his own you tube channel under the name (Mr. Nob) which he was broadcasting video games in this channel and this channel was providing a simple income for him, after a while his you tube channel was hacked and sh ut down.  Now a days, Sufyan is working on completing his education and his wish is to get his bachelor’s degree. Sufyan while he was walking one day in Domiz he saw an advertisement of a Photoshop Training opportunity, here he felt that his dream of reactivating his you tube channel will come true and he can make many improvements and advances to his channel.

Sufyan was selected to participate in the Photoshop Training in Domiz and ultimately successfully completed the program. He said that his skills in making videos improved 95% and he can now make his videos easily, before Sufyan had no laptop to work on, now he has a laptop he received as part of the comprehensive training program and can implement his newly gained skills of video making and photoshop easily and directly on his laptop.  He said before he was using 5 to 6 programs to implement one video game now he is using only one program with the help of photoshop and the laptop. Sufyan now has a live broadcasting channel on Facebook, and his new channel is on video games and shared that “within 10 days only I have 1700 followers and they are increasing day after day , the more followers I have will be the more income I will have, I will open a bank account so I can receive my income in it”.  At the end Sufyan said “I hope if the government or any organization can adopt my case as I am very sick and even, I couldn’t complete my primary and intermediate sc hool like the other children, I am studying in the external school system because going every day to school is so hard for me, my treatment is available outside Iraq but my mother and I can’t afford it”.