Project Description

Funded by: UNDP/DRC

Timeline: July 2016 – June 2017

WRO’s Economic Empowerment Job Center Project in Kaznazan focuses on building the strength of IDP’s, refugees and the host community in accessing fuller participation in income generating ventures, economic skill training. These activities will help trainees build their capacity and support their economic independence utilizing a comprehensive and sustainable approach that will prioritize mitigating risks to ensure viable results.

The Job Centers currently supports and empowers the local community by providing the following areas of provision;

  • Registering job seekers and interviewing them based on the DRC database requirements
  • Employability skills training based on the Foras portal material, currently at a figure of 120 beneficiaries based on the DRC approved list
  • Small business grants
  • Vocational and professional training
  • Primary language training in Arabic, Kurdish and English
  • Cash for work schemes in which candidates are hires for 22 days on a daily salary
  • Job placements and help in preparation of CV’s, with a target of having 25 people in employment by June 2017
  • Business incubation
  • Protection cash distribution, dispensed by DRC based on the database provided by WRO.

The job center supports the local community and is also now being frequented by the wider community and other areas in order to utilize the services offered. The information of 11,000 job seekers has been collected to this date.