Project Description

Peace-Building and Reconciliation in Bashiqa, Ninewa, Iraq

Donor/Partner: Church of Sweden
Period: 2019

Place: Bashiqa

Overall Goal:

The proposed project seeks to strengthen and empower communities of Bashiqa and meet the critical gaps in peace-building and conflict resolution tools and mechanisms available to enable self-mediation and stabilization.


Objective 1: Promoting Reconciliation and Mediation

Objective 2: Strengthening capacity of local NGO


Expected Results:

Outcome1: Social cohesion in Bashiqa is strengthened

Outcome2: Capacity of WRO in data management and protection increased



Local Peace-Building and Reconciliation Mediators supported


Cases supported and solved through local mediation


Community members from different ethno-religions groups supported through local mediation


Community members from different ethno-religions groups participated in Social Cohesion Recreational Activities


Community Members trained on Peace-Building, Reconciliation, and Social Cohesion.