Project Description

Provision of Child Protection services for camp population south of Mosul Jadaah Camp 2,3,4, 5

Donor/Partner: UNICEF

Period: 2019

Place: Jadaah camps 2,3,4,5

Program Summary: In its 5 static centers and due to mobile teams WRO provided Child Protection activities for internally displaced people in Jadaah camps. The main GBV and CP activities included GBV Case Management, psychosocial first aid (PFA), structured PSS activities for children including. case management, parenting program, trainings and awareness raising activities on Child Protection topics and creating community-based girls and boys groups within WRO’s program (Girls for Girls, GfG; and Heros for Community, HfC).

Objective 1) Children component for community-based PSS

  • Culturally appropriate structured activities inside camp CFSs and outside camps in the
  • community
  • Meaningful child participation in design and delivery of PSS services.
  • Building capacity of peer to peer support for children and adolescents.
  • Identification and referral to specialized mental health, child protection and other services for children at risk

Objective 2) Parent’s component for community-based PSS

  • Mobilizing parents around mother’s and father’s tea group sessions
  • Increasing parental responsibility and skill as first line of support to traumatized children.
  • Building parent networks and group to provide parental support in delivery of PSS and specialized CP services.
  • Building knowledge and capacity of parents through training on child protection, positive parenting, and basic helping skills.

Objective 3) Community component for community-based PSS

  • Mapping community resources for children
  • Identifying and strengthening community structures, including facilities, for PSS and other CP service delivery
  • Mobilizing and training community volunteers
  • Strengthening capacity of government service providers- social workers, para-social workers, HWs, teachers
  • Positive community messaging on psychosocial support
  • Identifying and reinforcing positive community values and practices for PSS



IDP Camp-based Child-Friendly Spaces (CFSs) operational


Received Psychological First Aid (PFA), PSS, and GBV CM


Children participating in structured and sustained psychosocial support programs


Child survivors of SGBV and children identified at risk supported through case management system

and referred to specialized services


Caregivers participated in parenting and resilience programs


Children participated in resilience programs


Community members and community volunteers trained in CP approaches


Children and caregivers reached with awareness on CP issues