A 45 years old IDP displaced from Mosul has 3 daughters and a boy. During the escape from the conflict zone, the father lost his life and the son was injured slightly due to an explosion of a mortar near to them. The oldest daughter is 12 years and the mother were registered in our activities. During one of our awareness raising session about child marriage she said that her daughter is 12 and she believes it is good for her safety to get married and she has a plan to arrange marriage for her. After the session, our social worker had also some individual sessions with her and explained the consequences of early marriage on girl’s life and future. We also involved mother in more of our awareness sessions. Then after a few days she talked to our social worker  during the individual session , that we are right and her daughter is too young to get married at age of 12 and she agreed that she will not accept to get her married before 18 years and she will support her daughter to continue her study.